To: Nashville Metropolitan Council, Metropolitan Transportation Licensing commission, The Tennessee State House, The Tennessee State Senate, and Governor Bill Lee

Allow Tennessee Limo Services to charge as little as they choose!

Reverse regulations, passed by Nashville’s Metropolitan County Council in June 2010, that:
* Require $45 minimum fare
* Require companies to dispatch only from their places of business
* Prohibit leasing of new vehicles
* Require companies to take all vehicles off the road if they are more than seven years old for a sedan or SUV or more than ten years old for a limousine.

These regulations threaten to put Nashville’s affordable car services out of business, and they are driving up the cost of car service by 80 percent or more.

Why is this important?

Nashville’s Metropolitan Transportation Licensing Commission (MTLC) conducted a sting operation against Metro Livery, an affordable limousine and town car service that is currently suing Nashville in federal court.

Metro Livery’s crime? Charging its customers less than the government-mandated $45 minimum fare.