To: President Donald Trump

An Executive Order to restore Original Birth Certificates to ADULT ADOPTEES by enacting the ADOPT...

For the President to enact an Executive Order which would restore the Original Birth Certificate to every ADULT ADOPTEE in America in one fell swoop because it is a civil and constitutional right!

Why is this important?

For almost an entire century, Adopted Adults have been denied access to their medical history, their culture, their genealogy and ancestry and the answer to the age-old question - "Who Am I" -- this not only affects them, but it also affects their children and their children's children.

Reasons for signing

  • Please give us the help we need in determining possible health issues.
  • This is a right that should not be denied. Correct this egregious error immediately. Restore adoptees right to their original birth certificates immediately.
  • Every human being has a RIGHT to their original birth certificate, no exceptions.

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