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To: Environmental Protection Agency

Atrazine Poisons Wildlife — It's Time To Ban It

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed guidelines to reduce atrazine use in watersheds it's already polluted heavily. This is a commonsense step, but it's far from the bold action we need. Worse still, Big Ag is pressuring the EPA to weaken its already modest proposal.

Tell the EPA to hold firm — and go further by banning atrazine once and for all.

Why is this important?

The herbicide atrazine is making frogs croak — and not in a good way.

Because it's so widely used across the United States for weed control on crops, concentrations of atrazine in many rivers, ponds and streams are so high they can kill amphibians. If we don't stop using this chemical, imperiled species including dusky gopher frogs and Illinois chorus frogs could be driven to extinction.

Atrazine has to be banned, and you can help.

This poison's so dangerous it's already illegal in 44 countries across the world. It chemically castrates male frogs at concentrations lower than what's allowed in our drinking water. And in people, exposure to it correlates with elevated cancer risks, irregular menstrual cycles, and low sperm counts.

We must ban this toxic chemical once and for all.



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