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To: To the Mayor of The Village of Island Lake

Backyard Poultry for The Village of Island Lake IL Ordinance Changes

Backyard Poultry for The Village of Island Lake IL Ordinance Changes

With gas prices, the rise in the cost of food and economic instability, the people of The Village of Island Lake want to own their own pet chickens to help ease the burden of the rising cost of food. People are willing to have a co op as well to trade and give each other support, help and advice as well as quarterly meetings to discuss all Poultry related manners. People are frightened about the rising costs and poultry helps with getting rid of unwanted insects, fertilize gardens, give companionship to their owners as well as help fight hunger and put the ease of how we control our own food. So many Cities, Villages, and Towns have made the move to let their constituents raise their chickens for the production of eggs and help keep bugs down. This could also ease the cost on the Village when it comes to spraying for mosquitoes which many residents are against.
The Village can’t keep denying its constituents to feed themselves. In order to be progressive and bring people to Island Lake, we need to give people the freedom to own chickens. The Village needs to realize that many of its residents are afraid to speak up for themselves or the community because they are constantly shut down or personally attacked. This is not how the Village should present itself to its constituents. We should feel safe when approaching our Mayor, Trustees and other members of the board without the fear of retaliation or excuses on why this simple ordinance can’t change.
The members of this community are willing to take steps that would be able to have a tracking system for chickens and a committee that will oversee that the appropriate coop is maintained and upheld. Chickens are not a nuisance, sanitary, or a noise hazard.

It’s time to give the people what they want. What they want is to build a strong, healthy, supportive community that lives like a small Village should. This would be the first step in the Village that would show its constituents you are listening to them respectfully and wholeheartedly. The community doesn’t feel that it is being heard, all we want is a voice and to follow many other surrounding areas that allow their constituents to own poultry with little resistance.
The Village can take this step and earn out trust as of lately many of us feel unheard, ignored, and unsafe when it comes to the Village Officials. Let us all come together to create a solution to this divide between the residents and the Village Board Members that control Island Lake. We are collecting signatures to show you the enormous support this proposal has.

Why is this important?

This is our chance to take control of the food we eat and help reduce waste (chickens will eat your scraps!), unwanted pests and provide fresh, healthy food for our families. Times are changing and it’s not very often people who are fighting food insecurities even get fresh food at pantries. Fresh eggs are a right and not just for farmers.


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