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To: Portland City Council

Ban fireworks in Portland for 2021!

Portland Fire & Rescue announced a ban on the use of fireworks in Portland this morning.

Ban fireworks in Portland for 2021!

Following an unseasonably dry spring, Portland is facing both an historic drought and an extreme heat wave brought on by a meteorological "heat dome" event, further drying out the region in the lead up to July 4th. Fire danger is extremely high, and both misuse and ordinary use of fireworks presents a potentially catastrophic risk for danger in the area. Swift action must be taken by the city to ban any and all sales and use of fireworks in Portland to prevent loss of life and property.

Why is this important?

If Portland acts now, lives and homes can be saved, our forests and wildlife can be spared disaster, and we can avoid the dangerous air quality we experienced during the wildfires of 2020.

Reasons for signing

  • Ban them forever
  • I'm all for city sponsored firework displays, but fireworks in the hands of the general public is a nuisance at best, and a dangerous fire hazard at worst. I hate playing the game, "was that a car backfiring, a gun shot, or a firework?" Every night in the summer. Too many people are irresponsible with them and one kid burned down 50,000 acres of the gorge with them. No more fireworks.
  • Veterans with PTSD and fire hazard!


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