To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

.@BarackObama: Lift US Diplomatic Shield from Bibi at UN

President Obama should lift the US “diplomatic shield” protecting Netanyahu’s policies toward the Palestinians at the UN.

Why is this important?

In response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge that a Palestinian state will not be created in the West Bank and Gaza so long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister of Israel, the Obama Administration is publicly weighing whether to lift the US “diplomatic shield” at the United Nations that has protected Netanyahu’s policies from criticism by the UN Security Council. [1]

The US “diplomatic shield” has meant that the US has automatically threatened to veto any resolution opposing Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank or pressuring the Israeli government to end its military occupation of Palestinians in the West Bank. If the US “diplomatic shield” protecting Netanyahu is lifted, the UN Security Council can take the lead in advancing a diplomatic resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict – which is exactly what the UN Security Council is supposed to do. [2]

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