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To: Governor of NewYork Governor Cuomo

Barbershop and salons soft reopening in NY

Let barbershops and salons open by appointment only servicing one client at a time. There are many essential workers as the governor himself that need to be groomed and well presented even through these times.

Why is this important?

There are many essential workers like the governor, police, doctors, emt workers, correction officers, store workers, food workers and etc. that need to be groomed in a professional manor for example police and government officials has to be groomed and look presentable as part of there work uniform requirements. Food workers must have a clean shave and the hair well maintained in order to serve to the public and must wear proper hair garments so that food isn’t contaminated. So these are things that are a necessity in order to comply with regulations of job guidelines. So governor of NY has shut down Barbers and salons and has deemed them non essential that when you look at the essential business and there guidelines In order to conduct continued business you need a professional groomer which is a barbershop or a salon.

Reasons for signing

  • Emperor cuomo must be removed from office
  • Why should freedom and right end where the Sheeps fears begin. We all should not have to stop living because some people are afraid and scared of dying
  • I could go on and on about the reasons for signing. I guess currently is because if you have to wear a mask in places you cannot maintain social distancing, then why not allow us to wear masks to do ANYTHING! If it will make others more comforatble and speed up getting our NORMAL back then do it!


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