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To: Clarksville Street Department

BDES Safer School Zone Lights & Signs

Byrns Darden Elementary School, located at 609 E. St, Clarksville TN, needs a 20 mph flashing school zone sign on Providence Blvd and a "Do not Block the Intersection" sign at the corner of E Street and Providence Blvd. Family's are put in danger and blocked from turning at the stop sign, by speeding vehicles, who realize Byrns Darden Elementary School is there.

Why is this important?

Adding a 20 mph flashing school zone sign to Providence Blvd and a " Do Not Block Intersection" sign to the corner of E St. & Providence Blvd, is important because it will help with safety and ensure a smooth traffic flow for people driving from the school and it'll help put an ease to traffic congestion in this area.


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