To: Governor Jared Polis

Better school lunches!

Kids deserve healthier, cleaner, better school lunches that they get.

Why is this important?

In France, they serve five-course meals, made of a main dish, yogurt or cheese, desert, appetizers, a side, and vegetables. Here, we get frozen tater tots and meat with so much preservatives it would last weeks. We get unappetizing vegetables in small plastic bags, and meat that has been radiated and isn't even real meat. We get ketchup that's really just tomato paste with water. I understand we're in a recession, but is it so bad that children's health is no longer a concern? Sure, you pay for money to feed us- but the food hardly gives us energy or increases our health. And I think that it's time to fix that. There is a reason we are the most obese nation in the world.