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To: Congress and President Biden

Break up the Big Tech monopolies!

Break up the Big Tech monopolies!

We urge you to pass two vital pieces of antitrust legislation, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open Act Markets Act, to ensure tech giants can no longer abuse their power to crush the small businesses that use their platforms!

Why is this important?

Congress is finally set to pass historic legislation regulating the Big Tech monopolies — but Amazon, Facebook, and the other Big Tech companies are fighting the bills with all they’ve got. That includes Facebook’s multi-million dollar campaign spreading the lie that regular people oppose regulating Big Tech.

The truth is that small businesses by and large support laws to protect them from platform monopolies — just ask Alexa.

Advocacy group Accountable Tech asked Amazon’s Alexa what she thought about one of Big Tech’s favorite fibs: that the bills will hurt small businesses.

Q: Hey Alexa. Will these new bipartisan antitrust bills in Congress hurt small businesses?

A: No. These bills will actually spur competition by prohibiting Big Tech monopolies like Amazon from elevating their own products in their search results. These bills would level the playing field for small businesses.

Even Amazon’s own AI can see through Big Tech’s misinformation. But Senate leader Chuck Schumer is delaying the vote, even though it has the votes to pass. We need them to pass tech antitrust legislation — immediately.

Congress must take on the power of big tech!


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