To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Bring Alejandra Home

Pass H.R. 581 to let Alejandra Juarez come home to her family.

Why is this important?

Last August, Alejandra Juarez was deported to Mexico after living in the United States for twenty years. During that time, she built a life here and married her husband Cuauhtemoc “Temo,” a naturalized citizen and U.S. Marine who would later serve in combat in Iraq. After Temo’s service in Iraq, this country has rewarded him by tearing his family apart. They have two children, both U.S. citizens, Pamela (17) and Estela (9). Estela now lives with her mother in Mexico where she struggles to learn Spanish, a language she never used in the United States. Temo and Pamela live in Florida and travel to Mexico as often as possible to visit Alejandra and Estela.

Alejandra was accused of making a false statement to immigration officials when she first entered the country as a teenager, on a form that was not translated into Spanish, and as a result is the subject of a lifetime ban from entering the country. The legal system currently offers no means to reunite the Juarez family, but their congressman, Darren Soto has introduced H.R. 581, a bill that would allow Alejandra to return to the United States as a permanent legal resident.

Reasons for signing

  • we are all human, and we all deserve to live in a healthy environment
  • Alejandra is the wife of a U.S. veteran husband. Deportation should be case by case. She is not a criminal. Have we lost our way, are we heartless. America is much more and we need to do what’s correct. Bring her home.
  • Alejandra is married to her husband that defended our country and her daughters and herself have been in the usa for years..I cannot even imagine the pain and her going back to Mexico where it's not home for her...Home is here with her husband and daughters and to be United as a family.