To: Kitty Piercy, Mayor of Eugene, John Russell, Russell Development Company, Inc, Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland, Tom Hughes, Metro Council President, Rod Monroe, State Senator, South Metro Region, Jeremy Ferguson, Mayor of Milwaukie, Ann...

Bring passenger rail to Corvallis, OR

Bring reliable, frequent passenger rail to Corvallis, OR: make the route through Corvallis in the Oregon Passenger Rail project a reality.

Why is this important?

Corvallis has been long overlooked for frequent intercity public transportation. The Oregon Passenger Rail project is currently evaluating options for new and improved routes between Eugene and Portland. One of those proposed routes would come to Corvallis. Decisions are being made now by the Oregon Passenger Rail Leadership Committee that will affect transit in the Willamette Valley for decades to come. We need to ensure that we are not overlooked in this passenger rail overhaul. Our growing college city would boom with reliable connections to Eugene, Salem, Portland.


Reasons for signing

  • It's about time!
  • My family is living car free in Corvallis. Bringing rail to the city would make our transportation options complete.
  • Corvallis resident, prefer not to give my address.

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