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To: J. H. Corpening II

Bring Ty'Ava Home

Bring Ty'Ava Home

Ms. Pollard-Williams daughter, Ty'Ava, has been kidnapped by New Hanover County DSS since July 2019. Ty'Ava had a loving family who was able and willing to care for her while Ms. Pollard-Williams took the necessary steps to heal. After fighting for 2 long years, the mother is now petitioning for reunification of Ty'Ava. At the recommendation of CPS, Judge Corpening ordered that Ms. Pollard-Williams complete a case plan before she can be reunited with Ty'Ava. Ms. Pollard-Williams worked hard to ensure her case plan was completed prior to her Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) Hearing in hopes that the Judge would see that she posed no risk to her child and that her rights should NOT be terminated. Even though the case plan has been completed, CPS refuses to reunify Ty'Ava with her mother and continues to move forward with the TPR. During one of the required case plan services, Ms. Pollard-Williams learned that she was suffering from depression and anxiety due to this kidnapping of her baby girl. Ms. Pollard-Williams has missed so many moments with her child over the last 2 years and she just wants this nightmare to be over. There is no legal basis for the continued kidnapping of this child.

Ms. Pollard-Williams goes to court April 11, 2022 through April 14, 2022 at 9am for a TPR Hearing. There are NO safety concerns preventing Ty'Ava from coming home.  We are calling on the community to come stand in solidarity with Ms. Pollard-Williams as she demands the immediate return of Ty'Ava to her care.

Why is this important?

We're not safe unless we're all safe.

Child protective services operates as a kidnapping gang who takes children from safe and loving home. If we don't stand together, united, the government will continue to take our children.


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