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To: Fox News

Broadcast the January 6 Committee Hearings

Broadcast the hearings of the January 6 Committee live! All Americans deserve to learn the truth about the deadly insurrection at the Capitol and the ongoing, coordinated attack on our freedom to vote. Refusing to air the hearings is a shameful, partisan decision, designed to puts Donald Trump's interests over those of your viewers.

Why is this important?

Fox is the only major television network not carrying the January 6 Select Committee's historic primetime hearings! It's shameful.

For nearly a year, a bipartisan congressional committee has been investigating January 6, 2021, when a deadly insurrection at the Capitol sought to overturn the presidential election and resulted in multiple deaths and over 100 injuries.

Numerous insurrectionists have been convicted already. The work of the January 6 committee—involving tens of thousands of hours of depositions and hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence—will shed new light on this historic and horrific event, as well as the wide-ranging criminal conspiracy that led to that day and its ongoing threats.

But Fox viewers were prevented from seeing that. The committee revealed text messages from Fox's Sean Hannity, urging the Trump camp to end its parade of election lies peddled by the likes of Rudy Giuliani and the MyPillow guy, demanding "no more crazy people" and "no more stolen election talk." But viewers didn't see that, and didn't hear Hannity account for himself during his counter-programming.

Instead, Fox commentators launched a pathetic attack against the committee and pretended to cover the hearings, but cut away from the gruesome documentary footage of the attacks and omitted key sworn testimony from administration figures, including Attorney General William Barr and Ivanka Trump.

Fox viewers have the right to hear the case that is being made—without Fox's heavy-handed editorializing and distortions. Only by hearing and processing the same facts of the case, can we as a public develop a shared understanding of what happened on January 6, and inform our collective sense of how to hold insurrectionists accountable and defend our elections and republic against future attacks.


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