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To: The Shubert Organization

Broadway's Nick Cordero Theater

Broadway's Nick Cordero Theater

Change the name of the Longacre Theater to "The Nick Cordero Theater"

Why is this important?

"A Bronx Tale, The Musical" was the last Broadway show Nick Cordero starred in. This musical set a record as the longest running musical in Longacre history. With the passing of this incredibly talented and beloved Broadway star, it is the perfect memory for him and his family legacy, to assure his name will always be in lights in the Broadway Community.

Reasons for signing

  • He was a great performer, and worthy of the honor.
  • Only Broadway musical I've had the chance to see. It was an amazing performance by this man, in the Longacre Theatre
  • Didn't get to see him in anything, but watched clipped of his performances on tv/you tube. This man was very talented, he could sing, dance, act, seemed like a great guy from what others have said about him. I feel in love with that smile. May he rest in peace, and his family find solace.


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