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To: The Shubert Organization

Broadway's Nick Cordero Theater

Broadway's Nick Cordero Theater

Change the name of the Longacre Theater to "The Nick Cordero Theater"

Why is this important?

"A Bronx Tale, The Musical" was the last Broadway show Nick Cordero starred in. This musical set a record as the longest running musical in Longacre history. With the passing of this incredibly talented and beloved Broadway star, it is the perfect memory for him and his family legacy, to assure his name will always be in lights in the Broadway Community.

Reasons for signing

  • Great talent, great guy.
  • He was very talented. A great guy. Passed on way too soon. The Nick Cordero theater would be a wonderful legacy for him and his family.
  • The name Longacre dates back to the name for Times Square before it was Times Square. I hope the Longacre Theatre will be known as the name for the Nick Cordero Theater before it was the Nick Cordero Theater.


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