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Build a bridge they will come

For 36 years Lake Champlain Transportation has monopolized the market of providing Ferry service to bridge the gap from Cumberland Head NY to Grand Isle Vermont. Despite repeated failed attempts to build a bridge we are once again revisiting this option. As our economy stays stagnant and the unemployment rate continues climbing what better way to extend benefits to both Vermonters and New Yorkers. While it is understood a project as large as this will no doubt take some time this is a must do on any government officials list. There are many reasons this would be a win-win situation for all involved. This would create jobs and we could enforce that this project ONLY employ, unemployed workers from either Clinton County NY or Grand Isle County, so as to make this a more personal effect on those invlolved. If the US Dept. of Transportation grant was made available for reconstructing and building the Crown Point Bridge their is no reason that same/similar funding can not be relied upon to construct a bridge from Cumberland head NY to Grand Isle Vermont.

Why is this important?

Building a connecting bridge from Cumberland Head NY to Grandisle Vermont.