To: Governor Gavin Newsom

CA Has the Highest Child Poverty Rate in the US—Ask Gov. Brown to Sign AB 1520


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Dear Governor Brown,

California's kids need your help. You have been a leader in the environment, the minimum wage, and other progressive ideals. Don’t let California continue to have the worst child poverty rate in the county.

Right now you have a chance to do something about it. AB 1520—The Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force—is sitting on your desk, ready to be signed.

It’s the critical first step in the effort to reduce childhood poverty in California. Developing a comprehensive plan to dramatically reduce child poverty is an investment in our future.

Be a leader on this issue. Please sign the bill today.


Why is this important?

California has the highest child poverty rate in the country.

California is a global leader in environmental policy and progressive politics, yet we still have 1 in 5 kids—that’s nearly 2 million children—in our own state languishing in poverty.

Let’s put this into context: If all the kids living in poverty in California were a city, it would be more than twice the population of San Francisco.

We have the chance to turn that around. Right now, Governor Jerry Brown has bipartisan legislation in his hands that takes the critical first step to end child poverty in our state.

Tell the Governor to act and sign AB 1520.

Californians want action. AB 1520—The Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force—will create an expert task force made up of leaders and stakeholders from inside and outside government that will develop a comprehensive, data-driven plan that lays the groundwork to eliminate child poverty.

Families struggling in California need support now.