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To: Gavin Newsom

California-Bring back paid sick leave for Covid-19

California-Bring back paid sick leave for Covid-19

Dear Governor Newsom,

I am a single mother, I have always worked hard and provided for my family. I do not take advantage of my employer by abusing vacation or sick pay. I never have. During the last week of December 2021 I was diagnosed with COVID-19. I am still out sick with symptoms and received another positive test this morning 1/7/2022. I cannot return to work. I do not feel well enough nor do I wish to infect my co-workers or the 300 + residents that live in the community that I work at. But I am am faced with the dilemma of not being able to pay my bills or feed my family if I do not return to work promptly. The covid sick pay has not been reinstated since 9/30/2021. As you know cases are surging at an alarming rate! With no end in sight. The working class people deserve to be protected from this ongoing pandemic. We NEED the Covid-19 80 hour sick leave pay to be reinstated immediately. For some of us, 80 hours of pay isn’t even enough to make ends meet, but we do what we can. Please do the right thing! We should not be punished for being sick and unable to work

Why is this important?

If you or someone you know has been sick with Covid-19, you know first hand how hard it is. How sick you may become and how impossible it is to make it to work when you are sick. Quarantine, sickness, and isolation is hard enough, we should not have the added worry of how we are going to feed our family’s, keep a roof over our head, and pay our bills. Please help me convince Governor Gavin Newsom to reinstate the California 80 hours paid sick leave for Covid-19. And to bring it back to all Americans in the Nation


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