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To: President Biden, the Biden administration, and Congress

Cancel all medical debt!

The Biden administration can cancel medical debt burdening everyday Americans. But with mounting opposition from the GOP, they need to know that voters have had enough with our predatory medical system that preys on people when they need care the most. Sign the petition to demand the Biden administration cancel medical debt immediately, reform predatory medical debt policies and practices, and work with Congress to build a pathway for health care for all.

Why is this important?

A third of all Americans are burdened with medical debt, and more than 79 million individuals struggle with overdue bills. Medical debt overwhelmingly affects low-income and middle-class families and drives millions into poverty every year, disproportionately hurting Black and Latinx communities. Meanwhile, the U.S. healthcare industrial complex—from insurance and pharmaceutical companies to large hospitals—are using high profit margins to steal billions off of the backs of everyday people.

Our for-profit system of healthcare is a uniquely American problem, fueled by corporate greed. But together, we can demand change.

The last thing anyone should worry about when they or someone they love gets sick is if they can afford to pay for lifesaving, necessary treatment. Nobody should go into debt getting the care they need. Our government failed to have proper oversight over the unethical practices that preyed on Americans seeking care—and now our government is responsible for canceling medical debt. It’s time we bring an end to this predatory system and pave a pathway to a healthcare system that works for all of us.


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