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To: Governor of Utah

Ceasefire to stop all loss of life

Governor Spencer Cox, we need your help now more than ever.
As a concerned citizen who is greatly disturbed by the current situation in Israel and Palestine, which puts many civilian lives in danger and may force the US into yet another Middle East conflict, I am writing to you. Utahns are pleading with you to demand a quick de-escalation and cease-fire in Gaza.
We can raise awareness of the need for peace and safety because the continuous conflict has taken far too many lives. Please join us in raising your voice. Utahns' Main Requests: Use your clout to push for prompt intervention, de-escalation, and a ceasefire in order to put an end to the terrible events taking place in Gaza.
Encourage the timely delivery and reception of humanitarian aid into Gaza to provide comfort to those who are severely impacted by the unrest.
The United States ought to demand a quick ceasefire and promote de-escalation in the area by using its position and influence. As voters, we expect those in office to uphold our principles and promote peace, particularly in times of dire need. Your ability to lead can have a significant effect. On behalf of all Utahns, we kindly ask you to join us at this crucial juncture and to reiterate our call for peace and vital support for Gaza. It is time to take action by allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza in the form of food, medicine, and fuel.

Why is this important?

This level of violence and terror should never be experienced by a child or family, and it won't halt the ongoing occupation and tyranny in the area. To preserve lives, there is an urgent need for a de-escalation and swift ceasefire.


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