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Change of leadership in the CTES community

This is a petition from the community of Cavendish with a no faith in leadership of our CTES principal Debra Beaupre. Our goal is to hold up her contract renewal on April 15, 2019 and to open an investigation into the communities concerns.

Why is this important?

Our CTES mission statement is not being honored by current leadership in the school. Because of this our school and community is facing problems on a daily basis. We have a letter of factual statements that is constantly being updated by the volume of people who have come forward to share their story of their negative interactions with the current principal. We will be attending the board meeting on April 25th. We are going to request to be on the agenda for that night. Please come and support us as we also have been reached out by the Chester Telegraph who will also be there.

Reasons for signing

  • The public information from the board meeting minutes does not match what the SU is claiming Either there was a discussion and vote or there wasn’t. Further investigation and transparency is needed prior to any decisions.
  • If you have a problem with school related issues, it should be dealt with in school!! Not on a bus in traffic !! Alright PRINCIPLE don't run over a child because you're ignorant and can't deal with the matter at school!
  • Out with the new in with the old!