To: Angelo Penque, Mayor, Chris Ampfer, City Council, Michael Ruscher, City Council, Brenda Helton, City Council, Lisa Cavanaugh, City Council, Adam Sandfoss, City Council, and Lou Gerding, City Council

City of Cold Spring: Save Walnut Hills Academy

Save Walnut Hills Academy. Our children are counting on you.

Why is this important?

Walnut Hills Academy is a trusted, valued, and educationally-rich early childhood center in Cold Spring, KY. For over 25 years, it has provided early childhood education to Cold Spring and surrounding cities. From daycare, to preschool, and even after-school care, Walnut Hills Academy has served working parents and their children with upstanding values, education, and love. WHA currently has 110 children at it's location, plus over 140 children on a waiting list to begin. They have never had to do advertising because their customer service satisfaction is so high that people don't hesitate to recommend them.

Walnut Hills Academy is one of those places that you can never leave upset. Each person answers the door with a smile and a greeting - no matter the day. Children and parents are immediately welcomed into the center, as well as bid farewell on their way out. One can only assume that the leadership at Walnut Hills demands the most out of its employees, because their dispositions are always professional, cheery, and warm. You have no doubt that they love and care for your child the exact way you would yourself. If your child is tearful at drop-off, within minutes you'll get a picture text of your child happily playing with their friends. This puts working parents at ease as they go about their day.

It's convenient for parents, too. Being close to 27, drop-off and pick-up fit right into the morning and afternoon commutes. For those of us that work close, we can be there within minutes should we get a call about a sick child.

Unfortunately, despite all of this...despite the upstanding business that they run, as well as their impeccable reputation, the City of Cold Spring has decided that Walnut Hills Academy can no longer remain. As of June 2019, the city has decided to terminate their lease. This means 110 children will be stripped from their beloved second home. The working parents of these children - construction workers, PR workers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, nurses, educators, bankers, sales people - will have to alter their lives to find new care for their children.

The City of Cold Spring needs to show that it values its residents, early childhood education, and a child's well-being by renewing the lease for Walnut Hills Academy. We love Walnut Hills Academy. We love that our children love it, we love the learning, we love the location, and most of all, we love the teachers. We need your support to tell the City of Cold Spring to KEEP THE LEASE FOR WALNUT HILLS!