To: Kim McMillan, Mayor, David Allen, Councilman, Jeff Burkhart, Councilman, Geno Grubbs, Councilman, Valerie Guzman, Councilwoman, Marc Harris, Councilman, Kaye Jones, Councilwoman, James Lewis, Councilman, Deanna McLaughlin, Councilwoman, ...

Clarksville City Council: Vote to Support Zoning Variance

Vote to support the Zoning Variance to allow another homeless shelter to open up in the city.

Why is this important?

We, the undersigned, believe that in order to make our city a better place change needs to occur. Part of that change is the need for more places that will help those who are hurting and in need of help. Manna Café Ministries provides food to those who need it, and have helped many with their emergency warming shelters, but the hope they provide is what is needed above all else.
We, the citizens of this beautiful city, ask that you vote to support the zoning variance that will allow Manna Café Ministries to open their homeless shelter. They will be able to provide not only the help that so many need, but the also the hope that will help to bring positive change to their lives and futures.


Reasons for signing

  • This would be good for the homeless citizens of Clarksville.
  • We need this to reach out to our community and show we care! !
  • To most, our home is the one safe and peaceful place in our lives. As humans we all deserve to have a place to find a safe and peaceful night's sleep.

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