To: Sen. Cory Gardner (CO-2)

CO Senator Cory Gardner accepted 3.8 million in donations from NRA

Tell Senator Cory Gardner to give back the millions in donations he's accepted from the NRA and stop letting the tiny NRA gun lobby control his vote.

Why is this important?

Despite the continued mass shootings and domestic violence shootings, elected officials refuse to support common sense gun legislation that the majority of voters are in favor of. Cory Gardner accepted 3.8 million from the NRA whose small lobby controls Congressional leaders with big donations (bribes). There are over 309 million people living in the US but the NRA has only 5 million members, that's about 1%. Of gun owners in the US, that 5 million only represents about 6-7%. So why then is the tiny NRA controlling our elected officials? Tell Cory Gardner to do the right thing by rejecting the NRA money and stop selling his vote to the highest bidder!