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To: The Board of Education

Comfort Women Fabrication

I think we can all agree that war has never brought happiness even through victory. The Japanese Government has been disputing these claims of forced prostitution, even for a seat in The United Nation Council. South Korea accuses Japan for taking 200,000 young women from their homes to be used as comfort women for the military. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that there were comfort women recruited from private operators and a large portion of the are from The Korean Peninsula. A lot of Korean families sold there daughters in The Human Trafficking Trade. Ms. Lee Youg-soo is a former comfort woman. She testified at the hearing of subcommittee on Asia, The Pacific, and The Global Environment Committee on Foreign Affairs U.S. House of Representatives, on Thursday, February 15, 2007. Her story continues to change since she first testified. There is no evidence of forced prostitution into the comfort women system and nothing stated by The Korean Government until recently. This is a fabricated story for propaganda. Moreover, searches of the archives at The Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, which houses wartime orders from the government and military leaders, turned up nothing indicating that women were forcibly rounded up to work as comfort women. The only orders and directives found in the search were aimed to protect the rights of women such as:
-Army Momorandum 2197 issued on March 4, 1938,which explicitly prohibits recruiting methods that fraudulently emloy the army's name or that can be classified as abduction, those employing such methods would be punished.
-Home Affairs Ministry Directive No. 77 issued February 18, 1938, stating that recruiting of comfort women must be in compliance with International Law and prohibiting the enslavement or abduction of women.
-Home Affairs Ministry Directive No. 136 issued on November 8, 1938, which orders that only women who's age is 21 and older and is already professionally engaged in the trade may be recruited as comfort women.
Ads appeared in 1944 on the major newspaper Gkeijo Shinbunh in Seoul by local employment agencies. There are documents that proves comfort women income by Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49 prepared by The United States Office of War Information. Comfort women sex slavery is totally groundless and a false allegation. There are photographs of Korean comfort women shopping and even joining Japanese soldiers dinning out. Do slaves get paid, go shopping, or go out to dinner? The comfort women were under private operators however, the army needed to get involved in administrations of brothels in the occupied territory, such as providing medical checkups because of Venereal Disease would cripple the army's fighting capability. All military organizations, from The Ancient Roman Army to today's modern U.S. Army, had many brothels near by their camps. The testimonies of Ms. Lee Young-soo that has changed over the past six years, is pushing the fabrication in The Board of Education to put false accusations in American history books. We must not allow false information of history in our educational system. It is important to nourish the minds of our children with real and truthful knowledge. Please help me stop the process of false information in the American history books.

Why is this important?

Stop false information of history in our educational system