To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congress: Don't Fund Groups Attacking Syrian Kurds

Congress should cut off all U.S. support for armed groups in Syria, including Fursan al Haq and the Suqour Al-Jabal brigade, that have attacked Syrian Kurds who are fighting ISIS.

Why is this important?

CIA-backed armed groups in Syria have been attacking Syrian Kurdish forces that the Pentagon supports because they are fighting against ISIS. According to the Los Angeles Times, CIA-backed groups that have attacked Syrian Kurds include Fursan al Haq and the Suqour Al-Jabal brigade. [1]

Urge Congress to cut off all U.S. assistance to armed groups in Syria that have attacked Syrian Kurds by signing our petition.



Reasons for signing

  • Kurd's needs help in Syria, please president Trump help them.
  • It is absolutely crucial to support kurds in Syria. They are the only not one who the stand up against evil. They have paid world by sacrificing their lives in fighting ISIS.
  • With such a mass of "special interest" militia - whose interests can switch suddenly - the CIA should pull back from backing any: today's friends are liable to be tomorrow's enemies. We've seen it with the early Al Qaeda, the splinter off that led to Daesh, and others. Wake up - stop funding through temporary alliances - and hence facilitating hammering of yet another minority group.

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