To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Congress: Don't Interfere With Labeling Settlement Goods

Oppose efforts led by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ron Wyden to interfere with the proper labeling of goods produced in settlements in the West Bank.

Why is this important?

Ted Cruz [1], Marco Rubio and Ron Wyden [2] have introduced legislation to try to erase the distinction in U.S. government policy between goods produced in Israel and goods produced in settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Similar legislation has been introduced in the House. [3] J Street and Americans for Peace Now oppose this pro-settlement legislation. [4]

Although this pro-settlement, pro-occupation campaign is opposed by the Obama Administration, Senator Wyden's support for it is worrisome. It suggests that this pro-settlement campaign could spread to other Democrats in Congress. Some press reports have suggested that the Administration might be considering enforcing existing U.S. law more consistently, so that, for example, wines sold in the U.S. from Shiloh Winery in the West Bank could no longer be labeled "Made in Israel." [4] If the Cruz-Rubio-Wyden pro-settlement effort is successful, it could discourage the Administration from enforcing existing U.S. law.

Urge your Senators and Representative to oppose this pro-settlement legislation by signing our petition.