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House GOP: Stop blocking protections for women! Support the re-authorization of the Violence Agai...

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Tell Congress to Extend the Violence Against Women Act.

Why is this important?

I hope this story will inspire you to join me in urging the House of Representatives to pass the Violence Against Women Act:

In 1983, I was a victim of rape at gunpoint. My rapist had already raped four women in my community, I was his fifth victim. He has never been captured. At the time, I was a single mother of a five-year old daughter and attending a local community college. The Violence Against Women Act initially strengthened federal penalties for repeat sex offenders, mandated that women don't have to pay for their own rape exams, and helped communities develop law enforcement units dedicated to violence against women.

This Act has been allowed to expire, which is totally unacceptable. GOP members of the House need to stop blocking its re-authorization immediately!