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Congress: Tax Big Oil to stop their price gouging

Congress must use its power to prevent big oil companies from increasing prices for us at the pump while they rake in record profits. But instead, Republicans are covering for Big Oil by supporting Putin and using his war to distract from their profiteering. While we work toward more renewable energies, gas remains essential for people across the country

Why is this important?

The largest oil companies are raking in record profits, in part because they are gouging prices during a time of war and crisis. According to the Guardian, in the third quarter of 2021 alone, 24 top oil and gas companies made more than $74 billion in net income. There is no reason for them to be jacking up prices at the pumps—especially during a time of war that already has the potential to ignite global instability.

Congress must do everything in its power to rein in prices–from banning price gouging to investigating pricing schemes to taxing companies for their excessive profits. It’s time to deliver immediate relief to consumers, hold oil companies accountable, and tax them at fair levels.

Instead of taking action, Republicans in Congress are working to shield oil executives by supporting Putin and his efforts to disrupt our markets. They continue to put profits and the ultra-wealthy over the needs of Americans.

Long term, we need to decrease our dependence on oil and prioritize combating climate change by creating high-paying jobs in renewable energy, as laid out in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. But right now, we need action to relieve the problem of oil companies choosing to massively increase prices at the expense of people just trying to get by. While other industries are putting Ukrainians ahead of profits, Big Oil must be stopped and held accountable. Add your name if you agree.


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