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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Conservative Creep

Conservative donors are investing huge dollars to turn central and northern NY east of Lake Ontario red and they are succeeding. Sinclair and Nexstar, Conservative Media outlets now own our local news. Claudia Tenney in the 22nd, John Katko in the 24th, Elise Stefanik in the 21st vote the party line and received big donations from out-of-state Conservatives. What can we do to stop the invasion?

Why is this important?

I am very upset about this. Republicans already control 30 state governments. We have elections coming up in 2018. We need to all vote and all vote for Democrats. We need to make sure Andrew Cuomo gets reelected regardless of your pros and cons. We need to protest the takeover of local media and limit money spent on political ads by outsiders. There are lots of people in Central NY hooked on Fox News. I have no local media left to trust.