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To: Corporate CEOs

Corporations are to blame for the formula shortage

Parents of babies across the U.S. are in a sheer panic over widespread formula shortages, forced to devote hours and days to find the formula they need to feed their little ones and to spin up mutual aid and information sharing networks to compensate for the brutal corporate greed and malfeasance that created these shortages. It's time we take extensive action to combat corporations and the monopoly they have on the formula market.

Why is this important?

You might be surprised to know that the market around baby formula actually barely exits: it’s a monopoly. Abbott Nutrition is just one of four companies that dominate this market. The company provides nearly half (43%) of the baby formula in the U.S. alone. The small number of companies in the market is purposeful, it makes it easier for companies to take profits for themselves and away from workers.

Parents can't go to work because they're traveling across state lines to try to find formula when their local store shelves are empty, they're using expired formula that a neighbor had in their basement, they're using formula with allergens because the hypoallergenic formula their baby needs is just not available, and they're taking to the internet to find DIY recipes to create their own formula, a risky proposition when it comes to feeding your baby. We need urgent action NOW.


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