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To: The Department of Health, Florida State

Covid-19 Contact Tracing and Testing

Covid-19 Contact Tracing and Testing

Florida is lacking the vital contact tracing needed to stop the spread of the pandemic. The qualifications are stringent and required training, even for certified contact tracers, is 70 hours in house. One of the riskiest activities is being in a classroom environment inside a building for many hours. It makes more sense to conduct training via ZOOM.

As well, the difficulty Floridians are facing when looking to be tested, with or without insurance is horrendous. Test results are taking too long. Citizens are aware of the rapid test, as it is used in the White House. We should all have access to it. The long turn around time makes it impossible to trace potentially infected people thereby increasing the spread. It goes without saying that all of the scientists recommend wearing a mask, rapid testing and increased contact tracing.

Why is this important?

We need to get the virus under control with proper tools in place. Other countries have mobile telephone apps to assist Contact Tracers in targeting infected people and groups. We are way behind in the US and particularly in Florida. We need to demand better services so that we can resume our lives and build the economy. This should be Federally mandated but if all States take action, we will be in a better place more quickly.

Reasons for signing

  • We're never going to get this virus contained if there isn't contact tracing. It's part of stopping the spread!!
  • We newed to get the virus under control. All scientists agree there are three parts to this--wear a mask, better testing, more contact tracers.


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