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To: Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, and other aviation regulators

Crack down on Boeing and other big aviation corporations!

Boeing is under scrutiny after a terrifying incident on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, where a door-sized section of a 737 MAX 9 fuselage ripped out mid flight, compromising the safety of the 177 passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for oversight over the aviation industry and ensuring public safety, and the National Transportation Safety Board is responsible for ensuring that all U.S. transportation is conducted safely.

Sign the petition to demand that the FAA, NTSB, and other regulators crack down on big corporations like Boeing and ensure they follow essential regulations, hold them accountable for failures to prioritize safety and quality control, and work to dismantle and prevent monopolistic concentration of power!

Why is this important?

What should have been a normal, everyday flight earlier this month was a terrifying experience for passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. After a piece of fuselage ripped out, the pilot and crew were able to land the plane with no casualties—but the attention on Boeing has illuminated continued concerns about their safety and quality control issues.

This is the third major incident from Boeing in the past five years—with the two heartbreaking crashes in 2018 and 2019 that resulted in the death of more than 340 people. Its former CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, was fired and accused of creating a culture that put profits ahead of safety. In fact, Muilenburg infamously said to members of Congress, “We don't 'sell' safety; that's not our business model.” And while Boeing fired Muilenburg (who walked away with $80 million in stock and assets), the Alaskan Airlines incident makes it clear that the culture of profit over safety at Boeing persists.

It is clear that Boeing has not made the necessary internal changes to ensure the utmost standards of safety and quality needed to protect the public. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration are both investigating this most recent incident—but they need to do more.

Add your name to demand that the FAA and NTSB fulfill their responsibility to the American people and use their power to ensure Boeing and other aviation corporations follow essential regulations—and hold them accountable if they fail to do so.

PHOTO: National Transportation Safety Board/Associated Press


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