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To: The United States House of Representatives

Create a National “Throw a Reporter ‘Off This F—ing Balcony’ Day”

Congressman Michael Grimm threatened to kill a reporter (in the Capitol!) and got no congressional expulsion, censure, or reprimand. To expose this ridiculous double standard we urge Congress to clearly state that it is LEGAL one day a year for each Congressperson to threaten a reporter or other US citizen/resident. The full text of the resolution can be found at

Why is this important?

This is a matter of justice. If you threaten a Congressperson, you will land in jail. Why is a Congressman who threatens a reporter still in Congress?

It is outrageous that Rep. Grimm (R-NY-11) has received no official reprimand after threatening to kill a reporter in direct violation of "Threats to do bodily harm" in the DC Code Div. IV, Title 22, Subtitle I, Ch.4, § 22-407. Either Congress should clarify that they condone such actions by passing this resolution, or reprimand, censure, or expel him.