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To: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Cruelty and Abuse in the Prison System

Cruelty and Abuse  in the Prison System

I am writing this to make any and everyone aware of the abuse that is going on in the state of Georgia prison systems. Many inmates that suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart conditions do not get the proper care that they need. Many inmates have died behind prison walls due to the fact that their medications are not distributed at a proper time. No one is talking about this very important issue, it is just being swept up under a rug like these inmates do not matter .These inmates are having to wait hours upon hours before anyone decides that they are important enough to be taken to get their proper treatment. There are inmates who do not receive their insulin at all, this is unacceptable and dehumanizing. No human being should be subjected to this type of cruelty. No family member should receive a call stating that their loved one has died in their sleep due to the fact that they did not receive their insulin for that day. We as a people should stand behind our loved onesand other inmates that are incarcerated and have life threatening illnesses. These inmates are still human and should be treated as such no matter what. No one should have to suffer like some of these inmates are suffering. No one should have to worry if they are going to die in their sleep just because they didn't get the proper medications that they needed for the day or week.

Why is this important?

The prison system is so messed up and we should take a stand to try and make things better. There are a lot of inmates dying behind prison walls and no one seems to really care about this issue. There are so many inmates that suffer from medical illnesses and they are being overlooked just because they are locked up. No one should have to go through this. A change needs to happen soon.

Reasons for signing

  • Human beings need to be treated like human beings! This is uncivilized treatment.
  • It's time for speak foe our love ones behind those walls. We feel their pain as well.
  • Time to end legalized slavery


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