To: Editors of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine: Stop being Sexist

"Apologize for publishing a racist, sexist rant telling women--especially women of color--to have 'good manners.'"

Why is this important?

Alumni, students, faculty, and parents have a vision for an inclusive and equitable Dartmouth. But Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (DAM) is turning back the clock by publishing a racist and sexist admonishment to women and people of color to have "good manners" and be grateful for being accepted to such a prestigious institution.

A conversation about the future of the college should include diverse perspectives. However, editors of a publication that is sent to all alumni, and is widely available on campus for students and community members, should have better judgment than to publish racist and sexist letters that are intended to offend. Such outdated and offensive views only contribute to the culture that tells minorities to accept the status quo--and that must stop.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine seeks to represent every member of the Dartmouth Community. It must hold itself to a higher standard and move the conversation forward, not backward.