To: David H. Koch, Executive Vice President, Koch Industries, Richest Man in New York

David Koch: Pay To Rebuild New York City

Carbon King David Koch: Reimburse New York City for all costs for rebuilding from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Why is this important?

Koch Industries billionaire David H. Koch is the wealthiest man in New York City, with a net worth of $40 billion. His fortune is built on polluting the climate system, from tar sands oil, pipelines, and petrochemicals. The rising seas and superheated oceans made Hurricane Sandy into a monster that has caused about $30 billion of damage to New York. Constructing a sea barrier to defend against future sea level rise will cost another $10 billion.

Not only has Koch Industries dumped billions of tons of carbon into the air, David Koch has spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting climate deniers and Tea Party ideologues who fight regulation of carbon pollution.

David Koch should immediately pledge his entire fortune to pay the government of New York City for all necessary repairs and investments to guard against future sea level rise and fossil-fueled storms.

If Koch refuses, we will take action to shame him and expose his New York City philanthropy as a sham.