To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Declare "Susan B. Anthony Day."

"Votes For Women!" It is time to honor Susan B. Anthony with a National Legal Holiday. Anthony was a prominent 19th century American civil rights activist and leader of the women's rights movement. For over 50 years, she dedicated her life to fight for women's suffrage.

Why is this important?

It is time to recognize American women not only as citizens but also as equal partners with inalienable and legal rights in the creation of this great democracy. It is time to pay tribute to all the women’s rights activists who suffered, were imprisoned, and died fighting for equal rights. It is time for women to appreciate not only the fundamental laws they enacted which liberated females from the dismal life of subordination but also gave ladies a voice: the right to speak in public; the right to an education; the right to employment, personal income, property and possessions; the right to divorce and custody; the right to enter into contract; the right to sue, or be sued; the right to serve on juries; and most importantly the right to participate in governing by securing the ballot. It is time to pay homage to these heroines, it is time for a Susan B. Anthony Day!


Reasons for signing

  • It's even more important for the E.R.A. to become an amendment to our nation's constitution!
  • I applaud you for this effort. Good Luck!!!
  • Women rule!