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To: Berkeley City Council, Mayor Jesse Arreguín

Defund the Police in the City of Berkeley

Defund the Police in the City of Berkeley

Dear Mayor Arreguín and City Council members,

We are devastated by the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others at the hands of the police across our country and the state violence against Black people generally.

Cities such as Los Angeles and Minneapolis have called to scale back the police department budget and reinvest those funds in health, educational and social services that serve Berkeley's Black communities.

I urge you to do the same. The time to make large scale institutional changes like this is now. Reform is not enough. Studies cited in this article demonstrate that anti-bias training and other similar reforms will not make a significant impact on police brutality:

Berkeley is well-known for its leadership on progressive issues. We urge you to take a proactive stance on police brutality by cutting funding to the police department and reinvesting it in Black communities.

Why is this important?

Because Black Lives Matter.

Reasons for signing

  • Berkeley is facing a 28.7 million dollar deficit and yet is set to invest 45% of the general fund (the single largest part of the city’s budget) in policing. Not only has that 45% NOT made us any safer. It’s not right that the Berkeley PD will only be facing a 4.8% cut while other departments face up to 15% cuts.
  • 73 million for police to harass people. No thanks, fund education + public housing instead.
  • Because I have experience bad treatment by the police in the bay area


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