To: Bryan Barnett, Rochester Hills Mayor, Michael Ford, Regional Transit Authority CEO, Dan Dirks, DDOT Bus System Director, and John Hertel, SMART Bus General Manager

Demand a Transit Solution for ALL the James Robertsons

We demand a real solution for ALL the James Robertsons who struggle every day to get to work.

We demand that our region's policy-makers develop within 60 days a concrete plan of action for solving the huge gaps in our transit system, including overnight service and the parts of our region that completely lack transit service.

Why is this important?

It is outrageous that hard working people like James Robertson must walk 21 miles a day just to get to work!

Southeast Michigan transit has failed Mr. Robertson AND thousands of others who struggle every day struggle just to get around.

This is a crisis that has continued for far too long! It is time for our region's leaders to solve it!