To: Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Demand REI stop selling NRA-backed Vista Outdoor products

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Vista Outdoor, through one of its companies, sells military-style assault weapons such as the Savage® MSR Valkyrie, with an ammo capacity of 25 bullets, and the Savage® MSR 15 Patrol, with an ammo capacity of 30 bullets, which the company promotes as "a step up from many rack-grade M4 clones popular today...the rifle delivers accuracy and overall performance far beyond mil-spec." Through other companies, Vista Outdoor also sells the CamelBak, Bell, Giro, Bushnell, Tasco and Serengeti brands of popular outdoor products.

This petition asks Recreational Equipment, Inc. to cease any selling of Vista Outdoor products.

Why is this important?

Gun violence - especially rage mass shootings -- is a serious and growing problem in the United States. It must be addressed by the restriction or prohibition of military-style assault rifles. REI - which otherwise promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle -- should take a stand against the problem of gun violence in the United States by immediately ending the sale of products affiliated with a manufacturer of military-style assault rifles. Vista Outdoor is an outspoken supporter of so-called 2nd Amendment rights and sells military style assault rifles. Many supporters of gun control indirectly support this company through the purchase of other brands that it owns, including CamelBak, Bell, Giro, Bushnell, Tasco and Serengeti.

As a leading outdoor retailer, REI should take a stand against gun violence by ceasing to carry Vista Outdoor products.

Reasons for signing

  • Gun control views and statements messaged by the stores we support is important to us. Thank you, REI, for showing our kids that you support tougher gun control laws and regulations by not representing those who promote the NRA. The NRA and REI both have a lot of social influence, and until the NRA and it’s supporters recognize that there is a problem, and so long as assault rifles are available to the general public, then they are endorsing the unacceptable violence that keeps happening to ...
  • As an REI member I am hoping you will take a stand and no longer carry Vista Outdoor products. I will be watching this issue closely and boycott place that support our gun culture.
  • Stop selling NRA-backed Vista Outdoor products