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Democrats: Don't Side With Republicans on Iran

Oppose the Kirk-Menendez bill and the Corker-Graham bill. These bills are designed to blow up the talks with Iran and kill any chance for diplomacy and a negotiated agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

Why is this important?

UPDATE 4/2: President Obama has just announced a framework agreement for a deal. Republicans are already attacking. Democrats need to speak up now!
President Obama may be on the verge of striking a historic deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program - unless some Democrats scuttle it. [1] Some Democrats are considering siding with right-wing Republicans to undermine Obama’s diplomacy, thereby pushing us towards another war in the Middle East.

Two pieces of legislation in the Senate, one backed by Sens. Mark Kirk [R-IL] & Robert Menendez [D-NJ], the other by Sens. Bob Corker [R-TN] & Lindsey Graham [R-SC] are poison pills designed to kill any chance for diplomacy. One GOP senator said the “intended consequence” of any new Iran bill is to “end the negotiations.” The Kirk-Menendez bill would impose new sanctions on Iran in violation of the interim agreement. The Corker-Graham bill would throw impossible-to-meet procedural hurdles in the way of successfully completing an agreement. The passage by Congress of either bill would blow up the talks – which is exactly what the Republican diplomacy saboteurs want.

Urge your Representative and Senators to oppose these bills by signing our petition.

1. “Democrats: Don't Side With Republicans on Iran,” Anna Galland (MoveOn) and Becky Bond (CREDO), Roll Call, March 2, 2015


Reasons for signing

  • There is no need to continue a dangerous foreign policy. No war against Iran and no economic boycott against Iran. Let’s try meaningful diplomacy.
  • Chuck Schumer is a Joe Lieberman wannabe. He is an unabashed Zionist.
  • Let's stop fighting wars in the Mideast and build a peaceful society at home.

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