To: Marc Elrich, County Executive

Derwood Deserves Better—Now!

Move the Montgomery County Public School Bus Depot on Crabbs Branch Way to allow continuation--and completion--of the County-approved & long-planned smart growth of Derwood

Why is this important?

Derwood is a fantastic place to live. Great location. Great schools. A wonderful community. But it could be so much more, and it deserves to be—Now! Standing in the way is the Montgomery County Public School’s (“MCPS”) Shady Grove Depot, located at 16651 Crabbs Branch Way. Until the Montgomery County Council ends its analysis paralysis and decides, in cooperation with MCPS, where to relocate the Depot, Derwood will never achieve its full potential as the County envisioned in its 2006 approved and adopted Shady Grove Sector plan*

We—the Shady Grove Civic Alliance together with engaged residents of Derwood and other areas of the county—demand that the Montgomery County Council come to a decision in cooperation with MCPS and take immediate action to relocate the MCPS Bus Depot. A responsible and responsive solution to this issue is long overdue and long-expected by the Derwood community, and the Council’s inaction continues to delay the planned smart growth of the Shady Grove Sector.

Furthermore, the failure of the County to act is:

• adversely affecting the value of homes in Derwood
• discouraging businesses from investing in the Derwood community
• polluting our air with exhaust and excessive noise
• further exacerbating traffic in and around the Shady Grove Metro Station.

The finger pointing between MCPS and the Council has gone on long enough. The time has come for the applicable parties to come to a decision and act accordingly in the best interests of the Derwood community. The Council must fulfill its promise, relocate the Bus Depot, and complete development of the Shady Grove Sector. For too long Derwood has been treated inequitably, shouldering the burden of housing too many of the County’s unfavorable, but nonetheless essential operations. Now is the time for the County to act on behalf of Derwood, for the betterment of its voting residents and the County at large.

To the Council, we say, “Derwood Deserves Better—Now! Relocate the Bus Depot and continue—and complete—the long-planned and long-expected development of the Shady Grove Sector.”

To our fellow residents here in Derwood and beyond, support Derwood reaching its full potential by signing this petition and demanding that the Council relocate the MCPS Shady Grove Depot and allow the smart growth initiative to continue—and be completed—in our community.

We, the signers of this petition demand action NOW, because Derwood Deserves Better—Now!

Reasons for signing

  • move out Bus terminal on Crabbs branch For Derwood community Expansion
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  • Derwood alliance

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