To: Rep. Bryan Steil (WI-1)

Disband the Special Committee on Planned Parenthood

Speaker Ryan should shut down this partisan attack on Planned Parenthood. The committee investigating the organization is a waste of taxpayer money and resources, and exists solely to appease the far-right base.

Why is this important?

Earlier this week, a Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, dismissing charges raised in the wake of last year's doctored videos, which claimed that the organization illegally sold fetal tissue. What's more, the grand jury indicted two of the anti-choice activists involved in making the video!

This is an organized and long-planned offensive on an organization women and families depend on. It's a cynical attempt by a radical group of legislators who want nothing more than to attack women and their access to safe health care and abortion services.

Too many states have already moved to defund Planned Parenthood based on the lies propagated by these videos. It's time that Congress stand up for women rather than demonizing Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood provides health care for millions of people every year, and I trust them to do it. We should not waste another dollar or another second of Congress's time on this committee.