To: Neera Tanden, President of Center for American Progress

Disinvite Netanyahu from Center for American Progress

We call on the leadership of the Center for American Progress to disinvite Netanyahu and stand-up for universal justice and principled anti-racism discourses . "Progressive" and Netanyahu don't belong on the same stage or share the same event. Giving a stage to a racist and an anti-progressive politician like Netanyahu undermines CAP's mission and standing in the country. We call on the Neera Tanden and CAP's leadership to stand-up to AIPAC and its right wing allies and not cave-in by extending an invite to Netanyahu.

Why is this important?

Netanyahu's anti-peace rhetoric and actions going all the way back to the early 1990, his pro-settlement policies, on-going siege on Gaza and two assaults on the Strip causing the deaths of thousands and destruction of 90,000 homes, racist campaigning and targeting black African immigrants if taken all together makes the invite to address CAP the most egregious step to be undertaken by a "progressive" institution.


Reasons for signing

  • The United States has always been the Biggest Supporter/Underwriter of the "young" State, of Israel.., With the Israeli PM Netanyahu' All but Prosecuted & Convicted for His Staggering, Blatant CORRUPTION, as Well as his Wife! Worst yet, Netanyahu' like Our Unelected potus, trump, is a Far-Right, Bigoted, RACIST, Intolerant Beast!! This fact has been Self Evident by this Man &.his REICHT Party; Why, what purpose Does it Serve to Allow, Extreme Conservative JEWS to Invade a Muslim Holy Place-...
  • Netanyahu is a horrible, horrible man.
  • This man is a racist,and we use American dollars to support this discriminating government.What a shame.