To: Democratic National Committee

We need a progressive agenda for the DNC platform

The Democratic Party should adopt a bold, progressive platform at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Why is this important?

The Democratic Party will officially adopt the 2016 Democratic party platform at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

It's crucial we make our voices heard now.

This platform will have major implications for races at all levels of government across the country—and it’s one of our best tools for establishing our shared vision for the policies we push for and secure in the coming years.

Millions of voters joined the movement to support Bernie Sanders and his plan for America. Now, we must stand with him and call on the Democratic Party to set a forward-looking, progressive platform that will shape the future our country needs: fair wages, Social Security expansion, access to health care and higher education for all Americans, protections for our climate, and an end to the rampant corruption on Wall Street and mass deportations.

Reasons for signing

  • You guys need to make this happen or we will all be under republican control for the next 20 years!
  • Justice Democrats are COMING!
  • MEksiE