To: President Donald Trump


President Donald Trump should not halt refugee resettlement, lower the overall number of refugees we resettle, or stop resettlement based on religion or country of origin.

Why is this important?

Stopping refugee resettlement, for any period of time for any group of people, would undermine our nation’s founding principles of being a beacon of freedom and hope. An announcement restricting access to resettlement from primarily Muslim countries is tantamount to the Muslim ban that President Trump threatened during his campaign. This is a clear case of discrimination based on religion and nationality and must be decried as such.

This is a program that saves hundreds of lives every day, and strengthens our communities and our nation. Stopping refugee resettlement will have profound and detrimental consequences. Lives will be lost and our national interests and security will be at risk.

The United States can – and must – continue to welcome refugees while continuing to ensure our own security. Our history has proven you don’t need to make a choice, and we should continue to do both. We urge President Trump to not stop refugee resettlement for any period of time, lower the amount of refugees we resettle, or stop resettlement based on religion or country of origin.


Reasons for signing

  • President Trump: Whatever happened to give me your tired, your poor...? You have decreased the quota for legal refugees every year you have been in office. You will answer not just to the American people, to those seeking asylum, but to a holy.God for this.
  • AMEN. ALL MY ANCESTORS, FOREBEARS, CAME FROM EUROPE! Trump’s too. And two of his living wives came recently! Except for Natve Americans, everyone’s ancestors and our current new citizens came from beyond the US borders. What a wonderful global mix we Americans are! husband, our daughters-in-law from 3 other continents...and now our grandchildren. We feel so blessed!
  • I have resettled refugee families for 40 years. I am heartsick about your lack of understanding and compassion for these people who are seeking refuge in our country, a country which used to be the greatest country on earth.

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