To: Matt Hall, Mayor and Carlsbad City Council, City Council Members

Dog Beach for Carlsbad California

We need a dog beach in Carlsbad CA. At this time the closest one is in Del Mar. There are a lot of dog lovers / owners in Carlsbad who could make use of a dog beach near by. The designated dog beach could be in an isolated area away from tourist beaches.

Why is this important?

We are in desperate need of a dog beach in Carlsbad CA. This benefits not only our dogs and their owners but our community as well by bringing in tourist dollars. Lets show the world that Carlsbad is truly Dog Friendly!

Reasons for signing

  • 12 years ago, My friend Hugh started an ad hock comitee when a stretch od beach became available in Oceanside. We did everything, petitions, walks with large turnouts. The people of Oceanside voiced their opinions in support evryone was on board. The city council unanimously voted it down!They said it was for enviromental reasons but we new the deep pockets who own condos and properties on the beach had lobbied against it. I hope Carlsbad has a better city council than we do in Oceanside!
  • My dog told me it was only right
  • I love taking my dog to the beach and watching her run and play. The Del Mar dog beach is far and my dog gets car sick. I’d love to have something closer. Our dogs are family members and they deserve to enjoy the beach too.