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To: East Pennsboro Township

Dog park for Enola

Dog park for Enola

Build a dog park in Enola! Location could be Adams Ricci Park or Enola drive where the old swimming pool use to be next to the football field.

Why is this important?

Not everyone has a backyard big enough for their dog to get exercise. Some people also aren't physical able to get out with their dogs and handle walking them to keep them active. Socializing dogs is also the best way to make dogs less aggressive towards people and other animals. Please sign this petition to get Enola it's very own dog park!

Reasons for signing

  • My dog would love to be more active, especially if it involved other friendly dogs!
  • Build a dog park in Enola Immediately!!
  • No I don’t care


2020-05-21 16:23:04 -0400

100 signatures reached

2020-05-19 21:07:59 -0400

50 signatures reached

2020-05-19 12:48:33 -0400

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